What’s in a name?

I’ve owned this  domain for a few years now without actively using it beyond the occasional bit of hacking around.  My intention has always been to use it to manage data about projects I’m working on in my own time, or even to become a project in its own right.  The name floor4 goes back to my digs in my first year of uni.  The staircase I lived in was affectionately known as the ghetto, and I was on the top (4th) floor.  I lucked out and had a really decent bunch of people on the floor, most of whom I’ve managed to stay good friends with since then.  That time has left me with some excellent memories, and so I’ve always wanted to develop any personal work under that name.  What I’m not really sure of yet is whether it should be floor4, floor 4, Floor4, FloorFour, etc. … I think that decision will come with time when I get round to designing a first logo, although I lean towards floor4 as it’ll cope with any case sensitivity or need for alphanumeric characters.

And now a quick progress update.  As I anticipated, it’s not easy for me to find time to work on this project.  Work is keeping me pretty busy, and when I do get home I want nothing more than to sleep!  To get myself kicked off I’ve been reading Beginning Android Games by Mario Zechner of Badlogic Games.  Starting to wish I’d bought it as an eBook so I could read it on the tube on my Kindle, but everything’s obvious with hindsight.  The books seems good so far for getting me into the mindset of creating a framework for Android game development, which is exactly what I wanted.  When I’m done with it I’ll try to get a quick review up.  I’ve also been delving into the standard dev guide which is also proving to be an excellent resource.  So, with a couple of designs knocking around in my head, development should be starting soon on some of the simpler ones.  Other than that, I’ve got a few blog posts on my backlog, but some of those are going to take some research before they’re complete (I want to look into the tax implications of publishing Android apps).

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