Setting a target

I’ve begun work on my first app. It’s called Homogeneity and it’s a game built with libgdx.  The aim is to make it a new take on an old theme of turn based puzzle game.

I’m going to set myself a release target for the end of the month so I need to work out what has to be in the first build.  Off the top of my head I think I’ll need the following:

  • Extensible game engine.  As I have an idea where the design is going I should plan to support future features from the go.
  • Score recording but not score evaluation.  As I said, this game is turn based.  Now, I have some ideas about how to evaluate scoring (i.e. what’s a “good” number of turns, what’s a “medium” number of turns, etc.), but it’s going to require either a dedicated bit of work to create, or a complete abandonment of my plans and I’ll just fudge it …  If I at least capture and record the best score so far I can map this back to evaluations later.
  • Two sets of levels to give an idea of what I plan to expand in future releases.
  • All permissions I’ll need.  Now, this won’t be quite right.  In the future I may require SD card access for a planned feature, but this can be made obvious at the time I request them.  The last thing I want to do is keep adding little extra permissions with each release.  It annoys me as a users and I can’t believe I’m alone with that.  I want to have my minimum permission set in place up front.
  • AdMob support.  This’ll be a LITE release so I should start as I mean to go on.
  • Tablet support.  My flatmate owns a Xoom and I’m eyeing up a Thrive.  ‘Nuff said really.
  • Basic rendering.  I just want it to work for now.  I can improve things later.

Anything else is a bonus.

2 thoughts on “Setting a target

  1. Looks like an interesting game. I like the name – although not too sure how I would go trying to spell it if searching for the app! I’d be interested to hear your experiences scaling to tablet size, that’s something I haven’t had much opportunity to try out (not having a tablet myself).

    1. I’ll let you know how it goes with the tablet. Theoretically it should be quite easy with OpenGL ES as long as I can manage to properly split my screen/world/rendering space.

      You’ve immediately hit on my paranoia around the name as well … agonised a bit about how much traffic I might lose to spelling!

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