Flip! LITE v1.0 Published to Market

Well, I’ve finally uploaded my first app to the Android Market.  It’s called Flip! LITE and it’s a simple puzzle game of the sort you’ll see appearing in many other games over the years.  The goal is to flip all tiles over to be the same colour in as few moves as possible.  Hitting a tile will cause the tiles next to it to flip as well.  The app was built using libgdx and what could be mustered from my free time.  It’s probably not quite what I had pictured for the first release, but I’ve had to balance out time available vs getting something completed.   I did want to have more puzzles in the first release, but these can come in an update soon enough when I have a chance to create them.

Anyhow, give it a go and let me know any feedback.  I know it’s not original, and it’s nothing amazing, but that was never my goal with this first app.  I’ve achieved what I wanted to do: I’ve gotten myself back into a bit of development, I’ve learned a lot about the Android platform and gotten something published.  There’s only up from here 🙂

So what’s next?  Well, I’ll be reporting on the progress of the app in the market on this blog.  I’ll also be working on the next update (some new levels and some better graphic asset management).  I wouldn’t expect a rapid turnaround on this release as the next few weeks are looking pretty busy for me even for the times I’m allowed to get away from work.  I also have a few blog posts lined up to cover things I’ve learned throughout the development process and a couple of new app ideas to start on.

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