Flip! LITE v2.0

I’ve pushed out an updated version of Flip! to the market.  It contains a few bug fixes, an updated libgdx backend and 12 new levels featuring a new tile type.  This “cascade” tile will cause adjacent tiles to flip when it is flipped.

One of the fixes was to make sure the game rendered properly on the Motorola Xoom.  I don’t know if this was unique to that tablet, but for some reason it couldn’t load a texture atlas larger than 2048*2048.  Seems rather crap to me, but there you go.

So far it’s not had massive takeup, but as I’ve repeatedly stated, that wasn’t the aim of the exercise and I haven’t put any effort into spreading word of its existence.  When I get around to committing some of my other designs to code  I will put a bit more time into these things.

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