Goal achieved?

I set myself a couple of goals over Christmas to get some Android development done and migrate this blog onto a new host. So, how did I do? The answer is: better than I expected. Migration done, some code written up (no new release though as I want to put a bit more in).
I’ve also set up a new blog that I’ll be writing about once it’s ready for public consumption. This blog is for a friend of mine who is running from John o’Groats to Lands End this year to raise money for the Royal British Legion (a charity for those who are serving and have served). That’s over 30 marathons in a row! This chap is insane, but insane with a big heart.
Anyhow, am currently in a taxi to the airport as am of skiing for a week so will provide an update on my return.

One thought on “Goal achieved?

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goals! I didn’t get a lot done over Christmas at all – but at least got a bit of a break from routine 🙂 Now it’s back to the metaphorical grindstone again, to get some work done.

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