Development Update – February

Another gap in posting, but a productive one. In January I was investigating some cross platform Lua based frameworks (Moai and Gideros) but between a skiing holiday and recovering from injuries sustained while on a skiing holiday I didn’t get beyond a few proof of concepts. Both are worth a look, and I’ll probably return to them in the future, but my investigations were derailed by this post on the Inside Blackberry Developer’s Blog.

So, with PlayBook OS 2.0 comes (limited) Android support and RIM were offering PlayBooks to developers who submitted apps within a timeframe. Hard to resist really (and it’ll be interesting to see how this pays off). As I have no willpower I went ahead and signed up, hoping to easily repackage Flip! for the PlayBook. I ran into immediate problems as (among other things) native code in Android apps is not yet supported, but this provided me with an opportunity to pick up one of my other to-do list items and learn to use cocos2d-x along with relearning C++ so I could re-build Flip! using the BB Native SDK. I’ve now completed this and just had the app approved on the App World! I eagerly await my new shiny shiny and will tell all about it when it arrives.

I’ll get a post up this weekend about the process of signing up for PlayBook development and my first impressions.

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