The Thirty Project

Yesterday I turned thirty years of age.  Feels a hell of a lot like 29 to be honest.  Looking back at my twenties, I’m reasonably happy with my achievements.  Graduated from Oxford, wandered my way up Kilimanjaro and started a promising career in the City.  Not too shabby, but I can’t help but feel I could’ve done more with the last decade.  Unfortunately I’m both lazy and easily distracted by new projects, so this year I’ve decided to set myself some goals to try to reach by this time next year.  I’m going to see how much I can work tech into each of these to help achieve my goals.  So, to the list:

  • Drop a waist size.  Nothing like working in London to fatten you up, time to sort that out.  Should give me a good excuse to try out some fitness apps.
  • Write 3 apps.  I’ve got a backlog of ideas and I need to commit them to code.
  • Buy a house.  It’s time.
  • Finish a game backlog.  I have so many games on Steam / PS3 that I’ve never played.  I need to catch up on these so I’m going to go through one platform and clear the backlog before adding anything new.
  • Visit a country I can’t remember.  This may seem like a strange way to phrase this, but I was born in Canada and left when I was very young.  I may choose this year to return.
  • Set up a new site.  I’ve got an idea and I need to actually get it done.
  • Learn 5 new things.  Might be languages, horse riding, another instrument.  I’ll work this out as the year goes on.
  • Quit smoking.  Occasional puff is alright but they’ve been taxed to a ridiculous price in the UK.  Oh, and apparently it’s not healthy or something.

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