A Personal Retrospective

So 2013 was interesting.  I bought a flat and then, due to temporary insanity, decided to renovate it while living in it.  When I say renovate I don’t mean just tiling the bathroom (actually still planning to do that) – this was knocking down walls, moving kitchens, and installing new central heating.  All while living in one front room.  Yep, occasionally I may have lost my mind and ended the day rocking in my chair, gibbering to myself.  If you’ve never had major building work before you may not realise that the entire world is filled with a thick layer of invisible dust that becomes visible and tangible in the presence of builders.  That gods damned stuff gets everywhere!  Still, now it’s all done I couldn’t be happier with the result, although I am now unlikely to ever move into a house without wanting to customise it.  I certainly won’t ever be purchasing a flat with a council as a freeholder.  Dealing with them was incredibly slow and painful.

Outside of the mess of the flat,  the last year was fun but busy.  It seemed like every weekend was a stag, wedding or other event.  I spent some time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones and was introduced to the wonders of board games.  I also went to my first comic con in costume; I think I’m hooked!  Anyway, as a result I never really got time to write anything here all year.  That’s a bit of a shame really as the internet was invaluable for researching as I decided on the flat design and I feel I should give something back. I guess that’s a year of retrospective material right there!

So I’m going to be scribbling regular thoughts here at least every week.  I want to practice my writing and this seems the best place to do so: somewhere nobody is looking!  If I commit to at least a paragraph on a random subject each week then maybe something in there will be useful to someone, or to me.  Expect wordage on anything from tech to gaming to gardening, especially the latter as it’s spring and I’ve just planted out my new raised beds. Yes, it’s a bit of a mid life crisis, what of it?

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