EGX 2014

Yesterday I trudged along to EGX after four days at Oktoberfest in Munich. That was a terrible idea – flashing lights, crowds, and motion have not helped my recovery. I was also somewhat puzzled by the lack of lederhosen. Regardless of my ability to absorb what was going on, I had long since gone off the main show at EGX. Increasingly it’s made up from large name booths with massive queues and no windows into them. I’m not keen on hanging around in line ten times a day, and I really don’t see why they can’t let people peer in to watch those who are hands on. UbiSoft have done many things wrong in their time, but at least they set things up so punters can spectate while others play. Anyhow, I made my way through the main section pretty rapidly to get to what I considered the main attractions: Rezzed and The Leftfield Collection. It’s great to be able to walk amongst the games, chatting to the devs and getting to play some games I might otherwise never get a chance to experience. Some of the games on show I was already looking forward to (Heat Signature) and some I’ve played already from their Kickstarters (TinyKeep). In addition to those, I’ve now walked away with a list of more games to add to the ever-growing backlog.

Calvino Noir is a heist game with a beautiful film noir look to it. At a distance it reminded me of Gunpoint. It seems to be at early stages right now, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this as it develops.

Induction is a clean looking puzzle game. I get the impression that if you loved Portal (and who didn’t) then you’d enjoy this one. It also seems like it’d be an excellent quickie game for when you have a few minutes spare.

The Escapist picks up where Prison Architect leaves off – you’re trying to escape from jail, doing jobs, stealing tools and beating up your fellow inmates. It actually reminded me a lot of Skool Daze in the way you’re governed by the prison timings. They’re in early access now, so take a look.

Poncho is one that I’m hoping will get Kickstarted, but it’s not looking bright as I write this. It’s got an interesting little mechanic for navigating the world that reminds me of the joy of Fez (and so I suppose may also wear out as quickly). I’d love to see this make it to the Vita or other handhelds.

Big Pharma is an amusing looking puzzle / builder game. In my playthrough there was one thing missing – a tangible goal. I’m assuming it’ll end up with missions or targets at some point. It’s a shame really as my first thought looking at it was “oooh, Theme Hospital” except it doesn’t have the incentive of trying to stop your wandering patients from croaking in the corridors.

Mushroom 11 looks like Gish and Osmos had a sinister relationship and then abandoned their progeny in the World of Goo. Looks great, plays well. I can totally see how this already has a few accolades behind it.

Verdun. Multiplayer trench warfare shootybang. Lovely.

Brave Wave isn’t a game, but a record label. They’ve got a few albums out there with video game inspired music. I listened to World 1-2 on the tube this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. This isn’t just a series of covers like the (also excellent) London Philharmonic album, but instead original tracks that’ll give you that inkling that you’ve heard them somewhere before.