A Personal Retrospective

So 2013 was interesting. I bought a flat and then, due to temporary insanity, decided to renovate it while living in it. When I say renovate, I don’t mean just tiling the bathroom (actually still planning to do that) – this was knocking down walls, moving kitchens, and installing new central heating. All while living in one front room. Yep, occasionally I may have lost it a bit.


A brief update

Q4 of 2011 has been somewhat hectic for me and so I’ve put no time into any Android development.  Little drabs of time are getting thrown into forums & comments here and there, but nothing productive.  I’ve also totally screwed the images on this site so am in the process of sorting that out.  As there’s a three day weekend coming up (and allowing for a massive 1st January hangover), I’m going to dedicate a few hours on Saturday and Monday to:

– Updating Flip! with some feedback received over at the Making Money With Android forums

– Getting some code written up for some of my parked ideas

– Sorting out this blog

I’d give myself a 75% chance of actually getting round to this!